Friday, October 16, 2009

Map of Human Fetishiz- I Mean, Sexuality.

So, apparently this has been around for a while, but I just became aware of its existence. Check it out for yourselves:

This creation, by Franklin Veaux, is called "A Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality." While certainly creative and pretty extensive in topic areas covered (although not necessarily within each topic, given in part to space constraints, I'm sure), I couldn't help but notice that "Sex With Hermaphrodites" is specifically included in the "Gender and Orientation Identity" portion of the map. Now, sophisticated and non-discriminatory readers that you are, you understand why the use of "hermaphrodite" is not only biologically incorrect, but is also both highly offensive and way outdated. (He might as well have added, "Nardly!" afterward, for crying out loud.) He's also got "Shemales" listed up there - a term I have a particularly poisonous hatred for, along with "shim" and other such lovelies.

Equally disturbing is his placement of these apparently shocking individuals in his map. ("Oh, no! Not a 'hermaphrodite'! Quick, come before 'it' fertilizes itself!") He partitions the Land's "mainland" into four regions, respectively separated from one another by mountain ranges. These areas are clearly delineated based on Veaux's perceived perversity ascribed to various sexual acts. For example, "Fully Clothed Sex" is separated from "Naughty Nurse Play" by The Lesser Barrier Mountains, which is separated from "Flesh Hooks" by The Greater Barrier Mountains, which is separated from "Necrophilia" by the Impassable Reaches.

Now, "SWH" is located verrrrrrry close to The Impassable Reaches, though not quite crossing. That's right - having sex with a human being that doesn't fall within the popular, narrow view of sexuality is more kinky and perverse than being a "Human Ashtray," engaging in "Anal Fisting," or getting into "Speculums" in a big way. (Well, technically they'd get into - ...never mind.)

The objective of this post isn't to shame anyone's sexual preferences. Whatever you like is fine by me. I just resent the fetishization of intersex individuals, thereby making sex with them something forbidden, to hide and conceal. We're PEOPLE. Even more reprehensibly, Veaux draws transsexual individuals into this game, too. UGH

In sum, this thing gets a big boo all around. Maybe next time, Veaux should make a map to help him pull his head out of his ass instead instead of trying to map humor onto plain ol', played-out discrimination. So uncreative. (Plus side? If he does make that map, he likely knows about lube, which would help him in that endeavor. Fun!)

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