Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Intersex Activist Event!: XXY Film & Discussion, Oct 13

Hi, everyone! Have you seen the film XXY? It's pretty great, in many ways, and is by far the most accurate portrayal of an intersex indiviudal within the entertainment industry to date.

NYU's Office of the LGBT Student Services is showing a screening of this film as a part of their Reel Queer Film Series. Here's the deatils below!

XXY Film Screening
Thurs, Oct 13th
NYU's Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center 50 W 4th St.

I will be present at the event! After the film is over, I'll be serving as a discussant so we can get some conversation and Q&A about intersex going, as pertains directly to the film or in general.

Yay! Come join us! Or, if you can't, check out the film anyway - you won't be disappointed!

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