Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Intersex Awareness Day!

Thank you to all of you doing awesome activist work around intersex. Thank you, intersex individuals, for being brave enough to look deep into your selves and choose to share your experiences and perspectives with us. Thank you, amazing intersex allies for seeking to educate yourself and others about intersex, and why nonconsensual medical procedures that don't track intersex peoples' health is so obviously wrong.

Thank you for reading this blog, and for celebrating Intersex Awareness Day in your own way. If you are comfortable, please mention IAD to someone who has not encountered intersex before, "like" or post about IAD or an intersex issue online (e.g., blogs, Facebook, Twitter) and spread the knowledge that intersex individuals exist, and we are pretty great :)


  1. Thank YOU for doing what you're doing to educate.

  2. Thank you so much, Noelle! :) I obviously love doing this. I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing more intersex peoples' perspectives and voices as intersex becomes less stigmatized, and more people feel comfortable sharing their stories. I am looking forward to when someone will just mention that they're intersex, like the way someone would mention that blue's their favorite color, and the response would be a no-big-deal, "Oh, cool." That day is going to be awesome. <3

  3. I'd like to see a TV drama series about an intersex person - show the trials, turmoil, heartache and pain that society causes by not being accepting of people's differences. And show that they are just like everyone else, they were just born with a different kind of body. Television has a lot of power that is mostly wasted on shows like "Jersey Shore" and "Honey Boo Boo". We need more programs that educate while entertaining... and I think that is the best way for the "abnormal" to become mainstream.

    1. Hi, Noelle! That would be awesome! Maybe someday there will be...if done right, that could be a reality show worth putting on TV. Although the reality show format kind of makes me nervous in general as far as true portrayals go...

  4. greetings sis... Claudia Astorino,

    i am hoping to turn this overwhelming

    fear and ill feelings (i feel i have been

    living with since day one) into awareness

    and some true sense of contentment with

    my natural born self. I began my self

    aware informing journey about my

    bodies/minds atypical presentation and

    reality since summer 2011 when I was

    the victim/target of a (so called

    "harmless" stranger's) hate crime of

    conspired joke, ridicule, and assault

    involving my forced physical exposure in

    a public place, ie. "they just wanted to

    see" and "oh, is that what-that is. . ."

    Also, i saw much youtube info, especially

    an "Embarrassing Bodies" episode , that

    like seeing a mirror image, was very

    telling and a significantly shocking wake

    up call for me.

    Suffice to say the truth was hidden from

    me and exceptionally well (by doctors

    and my parents), in plain sight, as I have

    lived nearly an entire lifetime in blind

    programmed assigned - unknowing

    denial, a lie. Despite all this, i have been

    "connecting the dots" in a recent and

    rather short period of time. Initially and

    for some time the realisations had some

    very emotional and devastating effects

    that i think few could relate to.

    Anyway i think you can relate as this is

    the first time (not counting somewhat

    recently, a cousin and an aunt - the latter

    which did not go so well) i have

    considered relating to a stranger about

    being in an intersex-ed body. To my

    knowledge, i have never been in or

    enjoyed the company and presence of

    another born as intersex. I have

    fantasized (in debilitating fear of "coming

    out") about having meaningful and

    enlightened dialogue with my informed

    "kind", spirit/souls like yourself and Hida

    (and a few other "activist" who appear to


    So i think you have some idea how hard

    this is for me.

    I just (couple of days) became aware of

    IAD, Intersex Awareness Day on your

    blog via "Full-Frontal Activism: Intersex

    and Awesome".

    "Happy Intersex Awareness Day!

    Thank you to all of you doing awesome

    activist work around intersex..."

    What i read has given me some new

    found courage, inspiration, and hope. . .

    so i wanted to say, thank you. On this

    day i will dare to wonder if i can reach out

    and not be ashamed about how i was

    born and how i now appear to this world.

    Please extend my thanks also to Hida.

    Do you know of ones in the Washington,

    DC metro area with similar "bodily" (and

    like mind) experiences? I have truly been

    alone, it seems, forever.

    Maybe if i might talk with and get some

    references, as I am in terrible need (now I

    know, life threatening) of intersex related

    "damage" medical care and i have the

    scars and nearly unbearable pain to

    prove it. My bodies secondary

    characteristics of phenotypically female

    and terribly surgically mutilated (fgm)

    under my clothes while outwardly tall

    with sparse facial hair, so the world

    keeps calling me "sir" and "mister".

    I know the events in N. Y. are physically

    not so far away and I think it would have

    helped to experience the same, but my

    health conditions have resulted in

    "creative" homelessness, so energy and

    resources are a serious issue and

    challenge right now. Im sure and hope

    you will remember those of us who would

    like to have but could not be with you (for

    whatever reasons) and maybe you will be

    able to consider documenting and later

    sharing the same.

    Humbly and trustingly yours,

    (and ironically, although some family

    often related to me as looking like my

    mother's twin, i was named after my


    they call me. . . Sonni

  5. sorry for this personal question. but what are u? are u a girl on the outside and boy on the inside or the other way around. I dont know much about intersex so sry about my lack of knowledge about it. but im curious.

    1. I am me. :)

      If you don't know a lot about intersex, this is one place to get some information! I invite you to explore my blog will be pretty clear that intersex isn't about being a girl/boy on the inside and a boy/girl on the outside.

      Additionally, just so you know, it's better to ask, "How do you identify?" rather than "what" I am. What, as opposed to who, makes the person you're asking into a thing, an object, and not a person. It is considered offensive, and it's good to avoid. :)

  6. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your experiences. It is so hard to find out and own who you are when so much of the world tells you you don't exist because they don't know people like us really DO exist.

    I am so glad to hear you're more comfortable with yourself now.