Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guest Piece on Autostraddle's Website Today!

I am so happy and honored to have contributed to the fabulous website, Autostraddle is a website devoted to queer women - their tagline: "News, entertainment, opinion, and girl-on-girl culture" - and I think they do a great job of addressing relevant queer-lady issues and helping to build online community. (They're also helping to build face-to-face community with Autostraddler meet-ups in your city/area and the bi-annual A-camp, where you get to hang out with fellow Autostraddlers in the woods for a week. Omg, I want to go so much.)

I am hoping to raise awareness about what intersex is and share some of my personal stories not just on this blog, but to a wider audience via Autostraddle (and later, other corners of the internet, too). I'm specifically interested in exploring the relationship between queer issues and intersex issues - how they overlap, how intersex issues are queer issues, why intersex should be included in the LGBT (i.e., adding the "I" for intersex), and how being an intersex woman adds other layers to being a queer/gay woman (i.e., intersectionality!).

This is, I hope, the first of many posts to come. Autostraddle and Autostraddlers, thank you for welcoming me and being intersex-inclusive. (And special thanks to Laneia and Marni for getting this story up and edited!) I'm so excited to have these conversations.

You can check out the article here!



  1. Hi Claudia--I really loved your piece on Autostraddle and was so stoked to find your blog. I've shared both with my online feminism group ("Feminist Pinners" on Facebook). My group has a lot of group information resources on feminist topics, and I'm excited to add both the Autostraddle piece and your blog as the debut items in our new intersex section. Thanks for doing the good work!

  2. Thank you so much! :) I'm looking forward to having more conversations with AS readers!