Saturday, October 26, 2013

Intersex Activist Event!: The Pratt Institute on Nov 7th!

Hi, everyone! I'm excited to announce I'll be raising awareness about intersex issues at The Pratt Institute on Nov 7th! Details are below.

Where: The Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), Student Union
When: Nov 7th, 8pm
Event Description: Intersex individuals are those whose bodies have a mix body characteristics traditionally considered “male” or “female.” Clinicians often attempt to cosmetically “fix” intersex childrens' bodies through a variety of medical procedures that they cannot give consent to, even though intersex bodies are healthy and beautiful as they naturally are. Join intersex activist Claudia Astorino to explore intersex issues in an engaging workshop – what intersex is, why intersex is considered to be such a controversial issue, and why intersex genital surgeries (and other unnecessary treatments) need to end. Discussion encouraged, with Q&A to follow!

Link to the Facebook event page is here. Hope to see you there! :)

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