Sunday, February 23, 2014

Facebook Gets More Intersex-Inclusive

Recently, Facebook updated their “Basic Information” options to allow users to choose from a variety of “gender” identities to describe themselves. And guess what – intersex is one of the options listed!

Now, intersex is not strictly a gender identity, but a biological way of being, so identifying one’s intersex as a “gender” category isn’t ideal. However, it’s good that Facebook is being intersex-inclusive, and this is ultimately a step in the right direction.

Log onto Facebook to check out all the new gender options available!


  1. Hallo.
    Right, while this is awesome and I commend Facebook for being inclusive, you can't get this if your language setting isn't English (US). I'm Welsh, so when I read this I went to check, and was confused for a bit. I thought I'd tell you so that there aren't lots of other gender/sex variant people being confused.
    Sorry for my probable lack of correct terminology. I'm relatively new to this. I'm not even sure, to be honest, if I am intersex - internal stuff works (ah the joy of monthlies, not), external, I sort of don't know WTF... :-( To put it simply. I was born 3 months premature, so it might just be that, but there's nothing else different from a typical girl. I'm not keen on doctors as a result, lots of tests when I was younger (until I was four years old - I'm eighteen now, but still), so I don't want to ask anyone like that. My mum's never been open about anything much, so she's out. Well, I don't know why I've told you this bit.

  2. thanks for the clarification! didn't realize this wasn't the case if you were using languages besides English. good to know. hopefully, FB will make these expanded gender options available for all other languages!