Monday, December 29, 2014

Dutee Chand Competing in India, Wins Orissa State Championships 100m Sprint

Dutee Chand, Indian female sprinter with naturally high testosterone levels, was recently banned from competing in the Commonwealth Games, and it has been uncertain when, or even if, Chand would professionally compete again. Since then, the organization Let Dutee Run has been raising awareness about how it is discriminatory to deny female athletes the opportunity to compete because of their natural physical traits, which are usually celebrated as physical "gifts" and "advantages" by sports commentators. Why, then, are some female athletes' naturally high testosterone levels considered unfair and grounds for barring them from competition - what's the difference?

Chand competed in the Orissa State Championships in New Delhi yesterday and she won the 100m sprint, qualifying her to compete in the Indian National Games in 2015 - congratulations!

Chand's allowance to compete in her home country's Games is not the end goal in her achieving equality in professional sports. Nevertheless, this is an encouraging first step. I hope that this is the sign of greater equality to come for all female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels who are currently denied the right to compete.

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