Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Intersex Awareness Day! Here's What You Can Do to Celebrate/Raise Awareness!

Tell someone it's IAD today!

Share an intersex-related article, brochure, or video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, blogs, etc.)

Check out if there's any events near you on the Intersex Day hub & attend!

Participate in the IAD twitterstorm tonight (check @Pidgejen on twitter to find out when your time zone's particpating! Aaaaaaaaand, support the twitterstorm even further by letting Thunderclap post several automatic messages raising awareness about the twitterstorm via your Twitter, tumblr, and/or Facebook account. Signal booooooost, do it!

Thanks so much for celebrating & raising awareness with us!

<3, C

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