Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Frontal Activism Blog Readers: Build A Little Community Here!

...Um, ALL of you! O.o

This blog is relatively new, so I'm staggered to see the growing list of individuals that are following this blog, or are perhaps reading but don't officially "follow." (I get it; I read lots of blogs semi-regularly, and don't officially "follow" any.)

Aside from the fact that I'm curious to learn a little more about you (other than the fact that you're likely interested in intersex and/or queer issues), I thought it might be nice for you readers to have a space to introduce yourselves and get to learn a bit about each other. I know I oftentimes read really intelligent comments written by other readers on blogs I like, and wonder, "What's their background? How did they find this blog? I wonder what other cool stuff they have to share?" Well, now you can share and learn, ask and tell! :)

I'll go first, to get you started. Hi, my name is Claudia. ("HI, CLAUDIA!") Besides the stuff you already know about me, I am a scientist, love to bake sweets, am constantly freezing, and love dressing in bright colors.


Nice to "meet" you all!