Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey There, I'm a New Core Second Opinions Panelist for Everyone Is Gay!

I'm thrilled to announce I'm a new Core Second Opinions panelist for Everyone Is Gay! I'll now be answering more questions about intersex issues, about one every two months. I might even answer the occasional question about other queer issues! (Any of ya'll readers know how much I like to talk about being gay, genderqueer, the whole rainbowy shebang.)

Check out Everyone Is Gay here, and look for even more EIG intersex inclusion now in 2015!

New Everyone Is Gay Post: Can Intersex People Have Families? (A: Heck Yes!)

Hey, everyone! Was pleased to answer a question on Everyone Is Gay, where the poster asked if intersex people can have families of their own someday. We absolutely can <3